Queechy Boat Parade Instructions

1:30 - 1:45: boats gather

2:00: Parade starts

Instructions will be broadcast on FRS (Walkie-talkie) channel 7.

Please keep this channel free for instructions or important questions/notifications to the Parade Marshall.

Please register with the committee boat and display your number on the port side.

1. Approximate Parade Route

Parade Route

2. Please keep three (3) boat lengths between the boat ahead AND the boat behind.

3. If the boat behind is too far back, please slow down so the boat ahead of you will do the same.

4. Make the turn in the narrow part of the lake after Queechy Shores.

5. Please stay inline until AFTER the last house on the north shore. The judges will be getting the final look here, so don't speed by on the way to the beach.

6. The awards ceremony will be at Adam's Point Beach. Please turn in your number when you receive your prize. There is not much room to dock so if several boats tie up off shore and then use one boat to take in spectators, it will help with space.

7. Have fun!